Blyte Tankford

A grizzled Clone Wars veteran, decorated numerous times for valorous service to the Old Republic...


This head of the Rebel Special Forces Training Division is a distinguished Clone Wars Veteran. Rough and tumble this war hardened Veteran seemingly cares about no-one. Standing 6’6” tall and 285 pounds of sheer muscle, “Tank” is truly an imposing sight to behold. Typically he is seen in his signature Arakyd Industries “Fire Torrent” power armor. He has mounted his special weapon to the right arm, an Underslung Blaster rifle, and a Blaster shotgun to his left arm. The sight of Blyte in his “Fire Torrent” armor can make even the most battle-hardened opponents weak-kneed.

His demeanor is typically calm on the outside and even under the harshest of conditions he tends not to panic. While dry, his sense of humor is intact. He has proven time and again that he can take a beating and still keep fighting. During the majority of his firefights he was seen as the chief threat allowing his allies to get into better fortified positions to take out the opposition.

His cool head under pressure allowed his friends during the Clone Wars to successfully thwart the hostage-taking ventures attempted by a terrorist cell led by a Dark Jedi. The hostage was a Duro general in charge of a top-secret project called “Project Lightspeed.” It was designed to bring hyperdrive technology to fledgling worlds that didn’t have access to the technology otherwise.

This event drew Blyte and his friends into the Republic cause fighting against the Trade Federation and the Separatists loyal to Count Dooku and his minions. Over the years Blyte distinguished himself numerous times as a valorous hero.

Blyte Tankford

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